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Bonjour et bienvenue,

Learning French is easy and fun with Frisette and her friends!


The lyrics are simple and the actions help memorise the songs -


It has been tried by 1000s of children (2-8 years old) who ask to listen to the CD again and again.

You can either purchase our CD  


download the songs.

We have created a free material page for you and your child, with the French lyrics and English translations, suggested actions and a colouring page per song.

If you prefer you can become a member (you will have access to the songs, vocabulary sound files, 4 level worksheets, planning and assessment) - please contact us for details


Tictactoc was created by French and Music

Foundation and Primary stage teachers:

Anthony May, Barbara Danet and Gabrielle Ellin.

As French and English parents and teachers we have always been on the lookout for easy, FUN and catchy songs and resources to support children's learning.

Tictactoc specialises in creating and designing exciting and stimulating resources to inspire children to learn languages.

"Giving parents and teachers the language to inspire learning"

A big thank you to :


Our singers from Les Franglophones French School: Lola Clarke, Zoé Couzens, Paul Dardare, Chiara Ducout, Luca Stèque, Xavier Gliner, Mimi and Anouk May.

Our Graphic designer and illustrater (booklet & CD): Chrissie Sloan from Simon Smith Associates.


French songs for children


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